Thursday, 10 February 2011

Guardian Illustrations - The Degrees of Separation...

I have literally just finished and handed in our second brief of this year. Phew! On the scale of stressful I was on the verge of tearing my hair out but it's all good! I've got some soothing music on and am updating this beast.

The idea behind the project was the concept of "The Degrees of Separation." This is best described by the game in which a person tries to link themselves to a chosen person/object via no more than x moves. Links can sometimes seem strange and tedious between two seemingly unrelated subjects. Our task for this brief was to take a list of 10 items and to produce two illustrations that attempted to portray this idea by using the specified objects. They were to appear in an imaginary Guardian article so we were given image dimensions and print instructions that perhaps would appear in a real life brief. I never thought Admiral Lord Nelson and a Porcupine would ever end up together...oh how wrong I was!

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