Monday, 22 August 2011

Green fingers...Tasty Veg...

I posted a while ago that me and my mum had decided to grow our own vegetables this summer and so we planted the seeds and awaited the arrival of tasty produce. We've had tons of courgettes and potatoes and they've been absolutely delicious! We even had a couple of strawberries when we've managed to get there before the birds! Well worth it though. Roll on the lettuces and broccoli!

Wotsit Babies...

The other day my mum was enjoying a bag of delicious wotsits, like she does most weeks and as she reached the bottom of the bag she found something quite alarming! Fair enough in most bags of crisps you get mishapen and odd shaped crisps but not 10! Amongst the standard sized beauties were 10 teeny weeny wotsits! Now you don't see that every day! If only SMTV:Live was still on!

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

It's ages since I have posted anything on my blog. It's not for lack of things, it's for lack of time! I thought I would 'restart' my blogging with the anniversary card that I made for my sister and brother in law at the start of the month. It was their second anniversary and I wanted to celebrate with a beautiful card to say thanks for being such wonderful siblings! I've been really interested in paper cuts for a while now so it only seemed right I do their very own. The glasses and the shoe laces were a tad challenging but in the end they liked it so much they had it framed. The title of the blog is one of my favourite sayings and was the inscription inside. Much love to everyone.