Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Very Big Thank You...

After doing my work experience at WEC International I wanted to send the team and the in house designer Chris, cards to say a huge thank you for such a wonderful experience. I learnt so much about working on live briefs as well as more about myself as a designer. The most important lesson was that I do what I do for the "fun" and not the "fame." You don't have to be famous to be creative.

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  1. Claire, a massive 'nice one' to you for working for WEC. I first heard of them when I was on mission in The Gambia and met two WEC workers who were doctors running a nutrition clinic for children and mothers. They had found their own natural cure for Malaria years ago and really do enrich the lives of people around them. I was lucky enough to be able to help distribute clothes to the children they looked after. I was also really impressed that you had the balls to get up and say you supported missionaries in this day and age. Really well done- you've touched more lives than you may think you have.